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MCWane_Case_Group_Qs_Answer_Key_S08 - PAM 423 Answer Key...

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PAM 423 Answer Key for Group Questions Case 1 – 30 points Spring 2008 1. (10 points) How would you describe the risk management strategy of the firm with respect to worker injury risk? If possible use examples from the video. The company appears to be trying to maximize profits (or firm value) by minimizing risk management costs. It has high costs of worker injuries, which it allows in the name of achieving high productivity under the guise of “disciplined management practices”. 2. Do you think that McWane Industries is choosing risk management strategies that maximize the value of the firm? Defend your answer. If you cannot come to agreement, tell me what proportion of you agree/disagree, and describe the main arguments of each subgroup. Note that you could receive full credit whether you agreed or disagreed. In fact, our groups were very mixed on this question – 7 groups responded that McWane is maximizing value; 7 groups responded that McWane is not maximizing value; 4 groups were divided.
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