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PAM 423 Questions for Case Assignment 2 Individual Portion of Assignment Spring 2008 Due Date: Thursday April 17 Instructions Watch the video “Breast Implants on Trial” in class on Tuesday April 15. Read the articles in “Merck in the Media” on the Blackboard site for the course (and anything else you’d like to read about the Merck case). Answer the questions below. The assignment must be typewritten – no hand-written briefs will be accepted. Academic Integrity This is an independent assignment and the Cornell Honor Code applies. 1. Describe what you learn from the video about the products liability loss control (i.e. before the fact of any claims) undertaken by Dow Corning.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Describe what you learn from the video about the products liability claims management (i.e. after the claims occurred) undertaken by Dow Corning. 3. Compare and contrast the products liability claims management at Dow Corning with that of Merck with respect to Vioxx. 4. Compare and contrast the circumstances of the Dow Corning breast implants case and the Merck Vioxx case. Consider things such as the product, testing and marketing environments, the organization size and form of the firms, and the development of information about potential product risks. Do you think the cases are relatively similar or different? Explain why....
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