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Essay 3 Apollo Alliance Mission The Apollo Alliance is a coalition of business, labor, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution in America to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, cut the carbon emissions that are destabilizing our climate, and expand opportunities for American businesses and workers. Inspired by the vision and technological achievements of the Apollo space program, we promote policies and initiatives to speed investment in clean energy technology and energy efficiency, put millions of Americans to work in a new generation of well-paid, green collar jobs, and make America a global leader in clean energy products and services. The First Years (2004-2007) With this: The Apollo Alliance was launched by the Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the Institute for America's Future in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy to unify a broad- based constituency behind a bold plan of investment in clean energy technology and sustainable infrastructure that would reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and create millions of good jobs in America’s clean energy economy. Harkening back to President Kennedy’s visionary call to meet the challenge of the Sputnik launch with an aggressive national commitment to landing the first man on the Moon within the decade, the Apollo Alliance spoke – and continues to speak -- directly to the core values we share as Americans: our can-do spirit, our inherent optimism, and the pride we feel (or want to feel) about our country’s place in the world. The subtext is clear: we did it before, we can do it again. This is America, the richest, most technologically advanced and industrious country in the world. If anyone can do it, we can do it. And we will. Not surprisingly, the Apollo message captured the imagination of people throughout our country. Soon the organization’s phone lines were buzzing with calls from political leaders of all stripes wanting to find out what they could do in their states, in their cities, and at the national level to advance Apollo’s clean energy agenda. In the months and years that followed, Apollo: • Released New Energy for America , an economic analysis of our Ten-Point Plan documenting how the tax credits and investments we were proposing would create 3.3 million new, high-wage jobs in manufacturing, construction, transportation, high tech, and the public sector, while reducing dependence on foreign oil and cleaning the air. The report, written under the direction of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Ray Perryman, received positive editorial comment in the Washington Post , and became the centerpiece of Apollo’s campaign to promote the job creation impacts of our investment agenda (2004-5); • Developed and distributed our three New Energy guides outlining specific strategies
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states, cities and campuses can pursue to reduce oil consumption, promote renewable power, encourage smart growth, and make buildings more efficient. The guides
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Essay 3, 4 - Essay 3 Apollo Alliance Mission The Apollo...

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