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8.22 - other powers being less secure-If a castaway has a...

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8/22/07 Key Concepts in IR State: The largest and most organized body of government -dwell in anarchy: the absence of a single unified sovereignty -ex: Czechoslovakia Czech Republic and Slovakia -CR and S exist in anarchy -within a state of anarchy, there is no guarantee that promises will be kept, or that rules will be enforced -this does NOT mean that such results are to be expected -USA and Canada are technically in anarchy -anarchy is NOT the same as chaos The Security Dilemma -Under anarchy, measures that make one party more secure necessarily results in
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Unformatted text preview: other powers being less secure-If a castaway has a knife and the rest do not, the castaway feels safer in his ability to protect himself, but the others feel threatened-The consequences may or may not be dire in these situations-Intensity- the opportunity for retaliation dulls the intensity of the security dilemma-6 shooters vs. poison pellets-people would be more willing to shoot with a 6 shooter that will automatically kill their adversary, rather than a slow acting poison pellet gun that would leave time for retaliation...
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