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PAM 423 Questions for Case Assignment 1 Individual Portion of Assignment Spring 2008 Due Date: Tuesday February 19 Instructions Answer the questions below after watching the video “A Dangerous Business” (Frontline, 2002). You may view this video in class on February 14, or you may view it online by going to , or you may check out the video from the Uris Library reserve desk. You must write the answers in complete sentence form. The assignment must be typewritten – no hand-written briefs will be accepted. Academic Integrity This is an independent assignment and the Cornell Honor Code applies. Questions 1. Briefly describe McWane Industries and the risk management issues that the video
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Unformatted text preview: highlights. 2. Use specific examples from the video to illustrate the costs of risk to the firm associated with worker injuries. Be sure to include: a. Costs of direct losses b. Costs of indirect losses c. Costs of uncertainty d. Costs of risk management 3. McWane seems very aware of the direct costs of worker injuries. What specific actions does the firm take to reduce direct losses from worker injuries? 4. The government (through the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA and through each state’s regulations) regulates workplace safety, with firms required to meet minimum safety standards. What role does government safety regulation play in determining risk management policy at McWane?...
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