bagwatti norberg views - Important Questions: Will the...

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Important Questions: Will the implementation of labor standards result in market inefficiency? Whether international pressure for improved compliance can increase economic well being and also bolster support for globalization in the intervening time until average incomes increase? Will enforcement of core labor standards harm the comparative advantage that developing countries have in labor intensive products? Will labor standards become a cloak for protectionism that inevitably harms poor countries via the implementation of trade sanctions based on the grounds of labor standards? Overall Debate: Do labor standards and globalization go together? Elliot and Freeman say yes: - labor standards and globalization are complements, activism is key to achieving these standards, and international agencies such as WTO should bolster incentives for countries to follow accepted labor standards (use trade sanctions as a last resort but use regulations to make countries follow labor standards). - There is a market for labor standards and consumers and activists play an important role in global efforts to raise standards. -
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bagwatti norberg views - Important Questions: Will the...

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