CMLIT102W - The Bildungsroman is marked by a secret...

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The Bildungsroman is marked by a secret alliance of an assorted narrative voice and an empirical subject who has to make his way amid the vicissitudes of concrete circumstances or experiences in life. The Bildungsroman attempts to present a social, psychological, moral and philosophical definition of subjectivity. The protagonists of Bildungsroman tend to be the only children of their parents, and there is no example among them of a younger son. They inherit materially, spiritually or both from fathers or father figures. There is a corresponding feminine aspect to their personality grounded in the love for their mother. The male is not simply or brutally masculine, but tends to be highly sensitive and marked strongly with feminine traits. 1) German philosophers attempted to define subjectivity and the role of self-willed or self-founded development in relationship to objectivity in a casually determined world. 2) Schelling argued that art can reveal to our intuition the way in which consciousness is part of nature because art is the unity of conscious and unconscious activity. The conscious intuition of the artist coincides with the unconscious compulsion of the artist’s genius. 3) Genius is a very important concept in 18 th century Germany. During his classical period, Goethe added the notion of development and the study of tradition and practices as an ideal to his “genius”. Genius became firmly grounded in a particular society and nation. Further emphasis was placed on the development of the individual, development of talents and character, to achieve genius. Characterization- 1) How does Goethe present characters? 2) What is the significance of the characters’ clothing? Pay close attention to Mariana and Mignon. 3) What are the relationships between the various characters? How do these relationships help us understand the depth and development of these characters?- 1) Mariana and Barbara 2) Mariana and Wilhelm 3) Mariana and Norberg 4) Barbara and Wilhelm/Norberg 5) Wilhelm and Norberg 6) Wilhelm and Werner 7) Wilhelm’s and Werner’s fathers 8) Wilhelm and Mignon 9) Wilhelm and Melina 10) Wilhelm and Philina 11) Philina and Frederick 12) Wilhelm and the harper 13) Wilhelm and the countess 14) Wilhelm and
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CMLIT102W - The Bildungsroman is marked by a secret...

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