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1 of 5 Eng 1102/41 Professor Greene C. Dilemma of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Is it right to say that beliefs are based on one’s ideology and reasoning? The answer will depend on individual beliefs or philosophies. The issue of abortion rights, the most controversial subject in the present religious, political, and humanistic matters, has triggered and stimulated a new definition of an individual’s perception of life, which consequently raises the question, should one stand for pro-life or pro-choice? According to the Wikipedia definition, Pro-life is a term representing a variety of perspectives and activist movements in bioethics. It can be used to indicate opposition …to abortion, and support for fetal rights. The term describes the political and ethical view which maintains that fetuses and embryos are human beings, and therefore have a right to life” (Wikipedia.com). The Webster dictionary simply defines the term as “anti-abortion”. On the other hand, pro- choice is the individual groups that choose freedom over order. They believe that people have the right to make decisions on whether to give birth or abort an unborn child. These two irreconcilable philosophies of belief have become an issue that calls for concern, even in the presidential election. In this paper, I will discuss the issues of pro-life and pro-choice and their dilemmas on the subject of abortion and other related issues. Certainly, a pro-life individual is an advocate for “right to life” on the issue of abortion and other fetal rights. They stand for moral justice, which in this case says that an
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2 of 5 individual should be prohibited from the right to terminate life, in the name of freedom of choice. The base point of the actions they portray is mainly because of their religious and moral ethics, which always goes with the question, “why should we deprive an innocent child a right to life since no one deprived us?” Pro- life individuals believe that all people have a purpose on this earth, including an unborn child, and should be given the privilege to
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ENGL FINAL PAPER - 1 of 6 Eng 1102/41 Professor Greene C....

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