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Engl 2110/41 Dr. Julie Morrissey 5/12/2009 Daily Assignment 7 1. What evidence suggests that the twins wanted someone to stop them from killing Santiago? Answer: They made it obvious to everyone their intentions and plan to kill Santiago, by telling everyone including: Leandro Pornoy, the policeman, Faustino Santos, the butcher man, and Clatilde Armenda, the milk seller. In addition, they keep delaying, by buying time to see if someone will stop them. 2. What did the narrator, Santiago, Luis Enrique, and Cristo Bedoya do for the rest of the night after the wedding (hint: They did more than one thing)? Answer: They continued partying on their own after the wedding. They went up to the xius’s hill and sang for the new couple.mores, they set off rockets and fireworks in the garden and Luis Enrique make up a song for the new married couple. 3. Why didn’t Father Amador do anything to stop the murder after he received
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Unformatted text preview: Clothilde Armenta’s message? 4. What made the autopsy absurd? The autopsy was conducted by father Amador, who did not graduate from a surgical school because of his priesthood call with the assistance of a first year medical student. Because their was no freezer capable to preserve the body of Santiago, which led to the decaying of his body. The autopsy was improperly done because of the circumstances of his death. The wounds from the butch knife used by the twin brothers in killing Santiago made the autopsy to look more disgusting 5. When and how did Angela’s feelings toward Bayardo change? Angela feeling toward Bayardo changed Her parents convinced her to belived that love comes after marriage because Also the ritual performed by contributes her feelings for Bayardo changed after...
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