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chemical equillibrum lab report

chemical equillibrum lab report - REPORT SHEET Name...

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Instructor Demonstration of N 2 O 4 (g) 2NO 2 (g) Ionization Equilibrium of a Weak Acid pH of 0.1M Acetic Acid pH 5, strongly acidic Chemical Equation CH COOH ↔ CH COO (aq) + H (aq) pH of Acetic Acid/Sodium Acetate Solution Ph6 , week acid Explain the differences in acidity (pH) in terms of LeChâtelier’s Principle NACH COO Na + CH COO , it will shift the reaction to the left(reactant), making more of the acetic acid. Tetraminecopper(II) Complex Ion Chemical Equation for Cu 2+ in water Cu (aq) + 4 H O (l) ↔ { Cu( H O) } (aq) Effect of adding NH 3 Form precipitate, turn’s dark blue color. Chemical Equation Effect of adding H + Turns clear blue Chemical Equation Explanation in terms of LeChâtelier’s Principle Adding NH will shift the equation to the right to form Cu(NH ) . Adding HNO will bring back the { Cu (H O) . Cold water bath (temp. and observation) Temp 2.0 ◦C Observation Clear, colorless Hot water bath (temp. and observation 67.0 ◦ C Brownish color Color of NO 2 Brownish Color of N 2 O 4 colorless REPORT SHEET
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