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Joseph C.Agunobi “Faith in Life” Eng 1102/41 Professor Greene. C.P 1 of 5 5/6/2009 My Perception of the Anglican faith, Pentecostal faith, and my Christian faith According to the Advanced Oxford dictionary, faith is defined as a “belief that is not based on proof” or “a belief in anything, as a code of ethics and standard of merit”. Sam Harris, a pronounced philosopher and a best – selling author, simply described the word “faith” in his best selling book - The End of Faith as “a willingness to await…evidence” (Harris, 2005, p.66). He went further to explain that “a man’s faith is just a subset of his beliefs about the world: beliefs about matters of ultimate concern…” (Harris, 2005, P.67). Personally, I think the word faith as means believing in something that people see or hear frequently, which suits their individual values, norms, and personality. I was born and lived in Enugu Coal City, a state in the eastern part of Nigeria, which is located in the Western part of Africa. The country is made up of three major tribes: Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo with more than 100 minor ethnic groups. The complex ethnicities in the country create a common arena for different religions with different faiths. There are two major types of religion in Nigeria: Christianity and Islam. Christianity is very popular among the Ibo and Yoruba tribes, and the Muslim religion is common among the Hausa. I am from Ibo the tribe and I was born in a Christian family where they believed in God, the Anglican doctrine, and the teachings of the Bible. My parents worshiped in Christ Church International, a traditional Anglican church, which believes in the word of God. They believe that faith comes from hearing the word of wisdom, which is the Word of God (Romans 10 v. 17). I grew up
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Joseph C.Agunobi
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Faith in life - Joseph C.Agunobi Eng 1102/41 Professor...

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