discussion 6 - In today's society, the liberal standpoint...

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In today’s society, the liberal standpoint has remained stronger than it ever has been. Both the conservative and liberal views have experienced the same outcome where the parents or parent is working and spending less time with their children causing complicatedness between whether or not government assistance is necessary in specific situations. That is why it is crucial for the government to provide more for the working class in order to help alleviate the problem that parents do not get to spend enough time with their children. In a liberal point-of-view, “they are willing to support limits on families’ dependence on government… but they argue for greater income assistance and work supports for single parents and dual-earner couples” (Cherlin, p. 496). It is this perspective that is essential in benefiting children to spend more time with parents. The problem with the conservative view is that they “argue that low-income women should work outside the home rather than receive government benefits for staying at home” (Cherlin, p.496). One major problem with that would be the significance of mother’s staying within the household. It is within the liberal’s standpoint where they realize “the value of the care that mothers perform at home” (Cherlin, p.496). The importance behind the mother staying at home is illustrated through the ability for mother’s
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discussion 6 - In today's society, the liberal standpoint...

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