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It is said that a parent

It is said that a parent - It is said that a parent's...

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It is said that a parent’s influence creates a social standpoint for their children. Parents of different ethnicities, religions, and other various groups raise their children in the manner that they find appropriate to them. However, parents are ranked in different styles of parental behavior due to the manner that they bring up their young ones. They are divided into three groups accordingly: the authoritative style, the permissive style, and the authoritarian style. The authoritative style deals primarily with emotional support, with parents giving children a moderate amount of emotional attention. Parents make sure that they are consistent enough with their tenderness and warmth as well, but while doing so also affirm much solidified discipline. The permissive style is where parents have very little control over their children in terms of disciplinary action; however still provide support for their children. The third and last style is the authoritarian style, which consists of very low support in their children and also no control over them as well. All three styles are focused on the amount of nurturing and support that parents give to their children.
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