gregorian chant - their own native tongue. In my opinion,...

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The Gregorian Chant as described by the textbook is the "official music of the Roman Catholic church." It's consistent with the melody that is officiated with the "sacred Latin texts." The primary usage of the Gregorian Chant was for religious purposes and beliefs, it was used as a form of mood setting for the church in order to conduct prayers and rituals related to the church. Despite that, most countries praise in
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Unformatted text preview: their own native tongue. In my opinion, the Gregorian Chant is definitely a characteristic of expression. It's unique sound brings the feeling of religion and sanctity of Roman Catholocism. Not only that but the sounds the Gregorian Chant bring about, set the mood of calm that signifies religion as a whole. The impact that Gregorian Chant...
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