9.14 - -same effect as taking drugs-study about dreams...

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9/14/07 Criticisms of Freudian Theory -Lack of parsimony: Occam’s Razor -less is more: shave off the unneeded -poor definitions: literal or metaphor? -id. Ego, superego, energies -untestability: “post-hoc analysis” -explanatory, not predictive -very sexist: Females are nothing but castrated males It is, however, a good “talking therapy” -heuristic, beautiful/all encompassing (dreaming, parenting, neuroses. War) -makes for good literature Neo-Freudians -Dreams are a continuation of the waking state -Manifest content is important, not just the cover story -Day residue is important -Symbolism is for clarification, not disguise -analogous to political cartoons Read your dreams for self-knowledge -Variables determining dream content -Pre-sleep Determinants: -social isolation -after not having social contact, people dream of people -REM deprivation-rebound & naps
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Unformatted text preview: -same effect as taking drugs-study about dreams results in more dreams-films before bed incorporate 5% into dreams-people dream of having a stroke or a heart attack before it happens-pre-op stress-bad dreams of impending surgery-sleep lab experiences: 1 st night-24%, 2 nd night-9%-Lucid dreaming-the ability to be aware of your dreams while in dreams-Thje Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis.-The structure of dreams is determined by the:-Locus, timing, duration, intensity, and sequencing of neural activity in lower brain centers-evidence: high-fever dreams-electric blanket experiment-warm-bad dreams, cold- good dreams-Erections-all males have erections during REM cyckes-Why detect REM erections?-determine psychological or physiological roots of impotence-Cornell is the #1 institute for erectile dysfunction research...
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9.14 - -same effect as taking drugs-study about dreams...

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