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Avi Goodman Psychology 1 Lecture Notes Lecture 1 (10/3/05) What is Psychology? - systematic study of behavior and experience o empirical o some people think that it’s the discovery of common sense, but that is not always the case ice cream/crime rates, size of brain maps of leg/mouth, one eye 3D vision, encouragement via constant/inconstant reward, playing classical music to infants - Various types of psychologists o Biological psychologists Explain behavior in terms of biological factors, like the brain, emotions, and decision making o Evolutionary Explain behavior in terms of evolutionary history of the species Ie: Why do men prefer young and attractive women? Why do women prefer men with money and status? o Learning Explain behavior in terms of the outcomes of past behaviors and current motivations Ex: praising a child for being smart can actually hinder their performance, whereas praising the process can help o Cognitive Study the processes of thinking and acquiring knowledge o Developmental Study behavior at different ages and examine how that behavior changes with time o Social Study how individuals influence and are influenced by other people Ex: How can con artists get people to give them their money, such as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and televangelism? o Clinical Help people understand and deal with psychological problems The History of Psychology - Charles Darwin – evolution - Wilhelm Wundt – set up first psychology lab in 1879 in Germany o One of the pioneers and leaders of introspection
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o “father of psychology” - Edward Titchener o Put forth idea of “structuralism,” the idea that people could introspect and describe objects o Ex: what does this lemon feel like to you? - Williams James and Functionalism o The study of how people develop useful behaviors o Behavioral elements - Sigmund Freud – father of clinical psychology o Case of “Anna O,” who suffered from “hysteria,” which involved temporary paralysis, couldn’t speak her native tongue of German but could speak French and English, wouldn’t drink water even when thirsty Spoke while hypnotized, symptoms alleviated afterward “The talking cure” - John B. Watson – father of behaviorism o Questioned scientificness of the Freudian approach in the 1940s-1950s o Not at all focused on internal states, but only behavior o Kicked out of Johns Hopkins and the American Psychological Association for having an (publicized) affair with a graduate student o Left there and essentially helped to begin the field of advertising in America - Cognitive Revolution – 1960s o A move to beneath the surface, realize what people think is indeed important - Cognitive Neuroscience o see which part of the brain reacts to which stimulus Lecture 2 – Research Methods (10/5/05) - The Scientific Method o Initial observation formulate theory propose hypothesis design research to test it make new observations do data confirm
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Lecture Notes - Avi Goodman Psychology 1 Lecture Notes...

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