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9.19 - nd and 4 th hours-40 mil people affected by 1 or...

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9/19/07 Can you kill while sleepwalking? -sentenced to life without parole Why? -details of the crime -expert testimony -jury makeup, biases, education, and background -judges’ interpretation of law (esp. appellate) Colin Kemp: murders wife in his sleep -kills wife with a shotgun because of dream he had -sleep ending- dog food, cigarette butts, watches -sleep sex -night terror (amnesia) -not a nightmare -nightmares are bad dreams, during REM -parasomnia usually occurs between the 2
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Unformatted text preview: nd and 4 th hours-40 mil people affected by 1 or more of the 89 disorders 100 mil insomnia 18 mil apnea 250 000 narcolepsy-narcoleptic tetrad: 1. Excessive daytime sleepiness Speed of falling asleep (sleep latency)-ordinary: 20 -narcoleptic- 3-5 minutes 2. Cataplexy-a brief episode of muscular wewakness or paralysis-go back to normal after attack-induced by: emotion, sex, excitement-daytime attack of REM sleep...
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