midterm terms - Ailbe the hound in the story of Mac Da Th...

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Ailbe – the hound in the story of Mac Da Thó pig, who the heroes have contest over both at the beginning of the story and then again at the end – Ailbe is the reason why the conflict was initially set up and yielded the results of fighting to the death Ailill – king of Connact, married to Medb- their army fights against the ppl of Ulster and repeatedly lose against Cú Chulainn. Later send messengers to Mac Da Thó that they want Ailbe. Later is supposed to decide who deserves the champion’s portion at Bricriu’s feast Alba – as Medb and her charioteer are heading off to try and capture the brown bull they bump into a beautiful young poet gifted with the light of foresight who has just returned from Alba and she prophesizes that Medb will lose against Cú Chulainn badly Badb – the crow form of the goddess of death Balor – Lug’s maternal grandfather and the Fomoiri’s secret weapon. Has an evil eye that will render anyone who he looks at powerless. Lug throws a spear straight through it and it comes out the back of Balor’s head and therefore renders all the Fomoiri powerless and they are defeated Bres – the anti-hero. Conceived through transient birth on the sea-mother Eriu and father, Elatha. Used the “destined ring”—his kingship was a contested manner (related to the Tuatha De Danann maternally, failed at hospitality, was satirized, TDD rebelled, was giving 7 years to reign and then was outed—went to dad’s place and raised up an army and came back to fight with the Fomoiri Bricriu – troublesome. Brings together all the Ulster men by the feast of Bricriu which turns into a contest for pre-eminence (which Cú Chulainn eventually wins) among the Ulster men. Also makes fun of the women by making them lift their skirts and run to the feast. Compared to Norse Loki because hes a trickster, but nothing he ever does lasts indefinitely Brug on the Boann Cathbad – daughter is Findchoem—wants a drink and Ness strains his water and finds 2 worms. Makes her eat them and then she becomes preg with Bres Cet – claims the right to the champions portion of the pig in the story of Mach Da Thó’s pig. Claims that even though conall cernach can beat him, he cant defeat his bro anulaun, and then conall whips out anulaun’s head Champion’s Portion – aka: cauradmír –the bets portion is given to the best fighter and therefore the champion. It starts fights to the death as is the case with Mac Da Thó’s pig. Two levels of fighting, first verbal (aka: flyting) and then escalates into physical if the challenger doesn’t back down
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Clú – conept of heroic everlasting fame—an example is Cú Chulainn and when he wanted to take up arms on the auspicious day Conall Cernach – Chulainn’s foster brother—warrior in the begining tales, and one of the Ulster heroes – most mentioned throughout all the stories (appears in all tales that weve read) – hero of Mac Da Thos pig (wins the champions portion) Conchobor – king of the ulster men and chulainn’s uncle (avunculate)—protector of the
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midterm terms - Ailbe the hound in the story of Mac Da Th...

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