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Final Exam Study Guide - The Birth of Cormac Ua Cuinn 1 Olc...

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Unformatted text preview: The Birth of Cormac Ua Cuinn 1 Olc Aiche, a smith, told Art that he would die in battle on the following day and suggested that Art sleep with his daughter. 2 Art did so and told her of where to get his son fostered and where he could find his father’s wealth 3 Cormac was born on the border between two provinces 4 Cormac was raised partly by a she-wolf until someone stumbled upon him and brought him back to civilization, but Cormac still had a thing for wolves later in life 5 When Cormac finds out who his father was, he chooses to go to Tara, to “seek recognition” 6 There, Cormac gave a true judgement concerning sheep shearing and grazing rights, whereas the then-king gave a false one. The side of the house where the false judgement was made fell into the ground. 7 Cormac then became king and did his job rather well THE TESTAMENT OF MORANN Begins with what it is.- Testament of Morann to Feradach Find Fechtnach Testament begins with him talking about the rectitude a ruler must have - If king is good and vigorous -> will be long-ruling, do great things Offers advice to let him (ruler)…- Preserve & raise justice (they will do the same to him)- Exalt mercy, care for & help & soothe tribes (they will to they same to him) Only through justice of ruler- keeps away plagues…. Secures peace… abundance… etc. “Let him observe driver of old chariot- looks, defends, protects… Goes back to justice- every great man attains art of knowledge, borders extend, protection of cattle… - get three immunities 1. racing of horses at assemblies 2. a hosting 3. privilege of the ale-house with friends and great abundance of mead- circuit where foolish/wise, familiars/strangers are intoxicated More advice. “let him-- not redden many fore-courts… give any reciprocal service which is due from him… let not rich gifts.. blind him. - “Let him Estimate” earth by its fruits… milk-yield by its increase… streams by their clean washing… silver/gold… sheep by their covering… goes on to list many other things to estimate. - Just remember “Let him estimate…” for this part of passage Goes on to “A ___ yields to ____”- fool yields to a wise man, serf yields to free man, conflicts yield to peace, etc. “Let him be- merciful, just, impartial, conscientious, firm, generous, hospitable, honourable, stable, ,beneficient, capable, honest, well-spoken, steady, true- judging. 10 things which extinguish injustice of every ruler:- rule and worth, fame & victory, progeny & kindred, peace & long life, good fortune & tribes (?) “Tell him- he may die, he will die.. he may depart, he will depart… - there are only four rulers: true ruler & wily ruler, ruler of occupation w/hosts, and bull ruler....
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Final Exam Study Guide - The Birth of Cormac Ua Cuinn 1 Olc...

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