Essay: The Purpose of Nature

Essay: The Purpose of Nature - Nature From the Sky to the...

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Nature: From the Sky to the City Nature’s purpose is to foster a feeling of sanctuary and security, where the relationship between person and thought can grow and be nurtured with the hope of achieving realization . The specific environment in which one achieves these feelings can be referred to as a personal nature . One’s personal nature is a self defined location of relative solitude, where one is free to express his or her ideas with no fear of interpersonal judgment . Relative solitude can be thought of as being alone with ones thoughts, without necessarily being physically secluded . For example, relative solitude can be achieved anywhere that a person perceives freedom of his or her mind, despite the amount of people physically surrounding him or her . The freedom, which one gains while being in his or her personal nature, stems from the feelings of security and comfort that are essential in finding and defining this location . It is a freedom to express oneself without fear of judgment or persecution . Though many people’s personal nature cannot physically protect them, mentally their thoughts remain safe because only those in the relative solitude will hear and process the information . This knowing that no other human can hear or criticize the views one is expressing while in their personal nature creates this feeling of security . The way in which one chooses to react with their internalized emotions, usually through a physical representation such as tears or a smile, is the expression of their ideas . A personal nature evokes these physical representations from those who consider it their personal nature by giving them a sanctuary within which all expression is appropriate and accepted . Anything that is held in the mind, whether it is dreams, goals, fears or regrets, is regarded as an idea that is expressed most purely in nature .
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L a i e r | 2 The most important quality that one looks for when actively seeking his or her personal nature is a location where one feels as though he or she is free from interpersonal judgment
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Essay: The Purpose of Nature - Nature From the Sky to the...

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