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10.17 - -Public Opinion Polls-how representative is the...

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10/17/07 Assessing the value of a test Is the test reliable? Validity Is the test valid… -for predicting “x”? -for what specific groups? Types of tests -Self-Report Tests -Kuder Preference Record -fill out a questionnaire for occupational interests -efficient -depend on self-insight -must know about own likes and dislikes -require motivation not to distort responses -Projective Tests -Rorshach Inkblot Test -TAT -tests that do not directly ask questions, but help gauge problems through projections of ideas on art or pictures
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Unformatted text preview: -Public Opinion Polls-how representative is the poll?-(Who, when, public) Refusals?-The respondent wants to feel knowledgeable-Give an answer even if they do not understand the question-subjects conform to the opinions of others-there can be loaded questions-Gender difference questionnaire-men use phrases, not sentences-bottom line first-12500 words a day-women us detailed narratives-bottom line at end-25000 words a day-The Interview...
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