Essay: Analyzing Two Articles

Essay: Analyzing Two Articles - A Goddess or a Medical...

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A Goddess or a Medical Marvel? Media sources, whether they are written, auditory, or televised works, can take the same facts and manipulate the representation of them to reflect different value systems. This is done for the combined reasons of catering to the source’s self-determined audience and promoting the source’s ulterior agenda. The sources do this by using specific timing, images, words, or stories to evoke emotions from the specific audience watching that will affect how they perceive the event. The most important aspect of trying to promote a value system is the obtaining of a trusting audience. Once this is discovered, the source can focus its programming on the wants and needs of this audience. Media sources seek to discover the demographics of the majority of their audience in order to discover ways to promote their ideas and values in such a way that will be the best received. All people respond differently to different stimuli, so media sources can use researched and documented traits of different demographics to determine the best methods of communicating with their audience. One tactic many charities use is displaying pictures of small, sickly, and impoverished children in their commercials to try and target the “old sofites” of the retired population. These commercials are played during the day so that the target audience will be able to watch, and they frequently include an older person, allowing the audience to relate. These are all methods that can affect the perception of the representation by the audience. By using certain photographs, such as those in the charity commercials, people can be influenced to think that the cause is greater or more compassionate than another charity that provides information alone. 1 | L a i e r
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In addition to media sources being able to manipulate their stories to cater to their target audience, media sources also use their abilities to pursue ulterior agendas that reflect their value systems. Sources have these agendas for a variety of reasons including economic, political and social gain. If this were not true, all stories would be reported in exactly the same way. For example, a news anchor could choose to use the word “ignorant” in place of “uninformed”. While both words have similar meanings, the connotation of ignorant is much worse than that of
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Essay: Analyzing Two Articles - A Goddess or a Medical...

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