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Exam- Essay Number 1 - ESSAY NU MBER 1 IN TRO Compared to...

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Unformatted text preview: ESSAY NU MBER 1 IN TRO: Compared to some Western European democracies, the United States has a greater amount of economic inequality because of structural economic developments and shifting public policy. F IRST B ODY PARAGRAPH : Structural economic developments such as downsizing, outsourcing or technological change can account for part of the r ising economic inequality in America. SECOND B ODY PARAGRAPH : Our nation's public policy also cont ributes to the economic inequality that our country faces. In free markets, there are always those who succeed and those who do not. Those with ambition and drive will win, and those who don't have those att ributes will be the losers. Inequality results from these market forces because people who have more economic resources tend to have an advantage over those who don't. ...
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