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Exam- Essay Number 2

Exam- Essay Number 2 - E SSAY N UMBER 2 I NTRO F IRST B ODY...

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Unformatted text preview: E SSAY N UMBER 2 I NTRO : F IRST B ODY P ARAGRAPH : SIMILARITIES / DIFFERENCES BETWEEN LIBERALISM AND DEMOCRACY Liberalism considers individual liberty its most important goal while also promoting equality of opportunity, being everyone starting out with equal rights and the ability to move up in social class. Democracy also considers the importance of equality and promotes basic human rights, but its basis is majority rule and the consent of the governed. Free and fair elections are also a vital component of this system. Liberalism is more concerned with individual liberties as opposed to democracy which values the opinions of the majority. S ECOND B ODY P ARAGRAPH : LIBERALISM RELATING TO DIFFERENT MODELS OF DEMOCRACY Protective: Advocates control by the people as a means of protecting individual liberty, however, it also encompasses utilitarianism which caters towards the wants and needs of the majority. “Excess of democracy” was a major factor at the constitutional convention to make sure that no faction could threaten the individual liberty of...
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