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Exam- Essay Number 3 - ESSAY NU MBER 3 IN TRO: The public...

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Unformatted text preview: ESSAY NU MBER 3 IN TRO: The public policy in the United States has been constrained by capitalism in that the free market economy is subject to in fluencing factors such as the privileged position of business B ODY PARAGRAPH 1: M I L TO N F RIED MA N 'S PERSPECT IVE FREEDOM ON CAPITA L ISM AND There should be a limited scope of government and its major function should be to protect freedoms both from both internally and externally (police and mili tary). He also believes there is a strong connection between economics and politics. "Economic freedom is... an indispensable means towards the achievement of political freedom". History suggests that capitalism is necessary for political freedom, but capitalism alone does not suffice. B ODY PARAGRAPH 2: T HE PRIV I L EGED POSIT ION OF BUS I N ESS RE LAT I NG TO CAPITA L ISM CONSTRA I NTS Though the pluralist model of democracy is thought to be the most accurate in the representation of American politics, there is at least one f law in the description. That is, pluralism describes all interest groups as being equal, when in fact there is one very dominant group: business or those who control big business. Businesses have the power to control policy by threatening to leave communities or by implying that they will join communities. They inf luence tax rates because if the taxes get too high the business will leave and take all the money and jobs it contributed with it. However, if taxes remain low then public services diminish in quality or all together. ...
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