1.24 - 1/24/08 Security -Scope -Use of force to achieve...

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1/24/08 Security -Scope -Use of force to achieve political goals -“politics by other means” -non-use of violence or threat -Centrality of the state -principal unit of political organization -claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of violence -Narrow definition of security -defend territory from external aggression -protect national interest in foreign policy -even without external threat, there is still gain -Means: war, diplomacy, deterrence, alliances and concerts, collective security, hegemonic stability *deterrence: major doctrine of US and USSR during Cold War era One side wants to convince the other not to attack because of the threat of a strong militaristic response -assumes a stable, rational actor *alliances and concerts: major means of diplomacy during 19 th and early 20 th Century, very important for smaller states, giving them the ability to attach to a hegemon -offensive and defensive (WWII Axis Powers, NATO) *hegemonic stability: a strong power will bring stability to an area, US brings peace between England and France after WWII Changing Notions of Power -Asymmetrical Power -Power of a state no longer absolute means of security -Globalization empowers various actors (including non-state) that can do serious damage to national interests of states -Can be used for both good and evil: billionaire setting up democratic charitable practices, or funding terrorists -Asymmetrical tactics used to overcome conventional military superiority
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1.24 - 1/24/08 Security -Scope -Use of force to achieve...

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