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Racism in Popular Culture There is a lack of familial relationship among AAPI regulars. When featured in relationships, APIs tend to be in romantic rather than familial relationships. The relationships tend to be fleeting and rarely develop into long-term family arrangements. There is only one married couple in ABC’s lost. Thus, most AAPIs were excluded from long term domestic partnerships, so they are still not considered to constitute an American family. Also the majority of AAPI-identified characters on TV had high status occupations such as doctors and businessman or had high education. The absence of AAPI characters in any other occupations contribute to generalizations about all AAPIs. The model minority stereotype generalizes attributes of some members of the group and assume they are true for all. AAPIs are underrepresented numerically and missing from lead roles. In 2004, there were only 5% AAPIs in the US. Their characters in television are underrepresented at less than half of their actual US population. AAPI actors are typically relegated to
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