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AAS20B Final ID - AAS20B ID's Vincent Chin (1982) Killed in...

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AAS20B ID’s Vincent Chin (1982) Killed in Detroit because he looked Japanese Took place during a time when the Japanese auto industry was dominating, and the U.S. auto industry was laying-off people. Murderers: Ebens and Nitts pleaded guilty but only got probation. Ebens and Nitts didn’t see the murder as a racial crime; only saw it as “administering punishment” Lily Chin was not able to get justice for her son Koreatown (LA Riots) Rodney King and Ed Lee were victims Seen as a conflict between Koreans and blacks, but other minorities were also involved Korean families lost everything when stores were burned down Theory that Koreans were a buffer between blacks and whites. Affirmative Action Some Asian Americans oppose it because they thought it would hurt them because of their status as “model minorities” Proposition 209 to get rid of Affirmative Action saw a split in the Asian vote Idea to admit people of lower socio-economic status – controversy tied to race Historical context: out of Civil Rights Movement. Qualified minorities weren’t given the same opportunities, so now affirmative action provides special treatment to give them opportunities to address past issues of discrimination. Hate Crimes
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AAS20B Final ID - AAS20B ID's Vincent Chin (1982) Killed in...

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