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Essay 6: Reconstruction Background: 1. The Civil war lasted for four years, 1861-1865, and ended with 630,000 killed soldiers—the deadliest war in America’s history 2. The North and South always had a tumultuous relationship and rivalry, especially with the issues of abolition and slavery, and revenge was pertinent 3. The South defeated the North and was occupied by 200,000 Union soldiers 4. The South’s economy was devastated with crops, homes, transportation, and its monetary system all destroyed 5. The biggest problem though was the newly freed slaves, during Reconstruction white Southerners began to restrict the rights of African Americans a. The 13 th amendment freed the slaves, the 14 th gave them the right to vote Reconstruction: 1. The years between 1865 and 1877 2. Refers primarily to the rebuilding of the federal Union and the political, economic, and social changes in the South 3. Lincoln had a lenient approach to Reconstruction a. Proclamation of Amnesty or “Ten % Plan,” promised a full pardon
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