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Katherine Herrmann HIST 101-01 Professor Farrington 16 March 2007 Washington Questions Part A 1. Martha Washington reflected the concept of “Republican Motherhood” through her sense of responsibility to her husband. She felt that she needed to try and give him a child. Because she was widowed, she already had two children. After she married George Washington and he said “your children…” she corrected him and said that they were “our children.” Raising good children was also one of the priorities Martha held that reflected on Republican Motherhood. 2. George Mason, delegate from Virginia to the First Continental Congress, wanted George Washington to attend the next meeting of the House of Burgesses because he wanted Washington to speak his opinion to the House. 3. Washington highly valued books and regarded them as “the wisdom of the ages.” Books were able to pass down information and knowledge through mass print—a very useful tool in those days. 4. During the 1760s at the House of Burgesses meeting, Washington proposed a new law about the sanitation of pigs and pork. Pigs were a big problem because they caused so many illnesses in that time. Washington represented himself and his constituency when he proposed the law. He did not see himself as a vital role in the House. 5. George Mason argued that Washington had a specific role because of his standing in the community. A man from Virginia, he was very well-respected in the colony. Mason believed that it was Washington’s responsibility to stand up and defend it. 6. Patrick Henry’s role in the House of Burgesses was as a delegate. In the sam year he was elected, he proposed the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions. As he spoke in front of the House, he gave many famous speeches such as “If this be treason, let us make the most of it” and “give me liberty or give me death.” 7.
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washington questions - Katherine Herrmann HIST 101-01...

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