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Katherine Herrmann HIST 101-01 Professor Farrington 16 March 2007 Essay Question 1 In 1637, John Winthrop became governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. During that same period of time, one of the Puritan women, Anne Hutchinson, was holding meetings in her home to have Bible studies. This set off Winthrop to describe her as a “thing not tolerable nor comely in the sight of God, nor fitting for [her] sex.” He, along with most of the ministers of the colony, believed that Anne Hutchinson would break the colony into factions and destroy the peace of the colony. But most of all, they saw her as a threat to their authority. One of the mores Anne Hutchinson broke was that of the role of women in Puritan society. Women were expected to cook, clean, and do the child rearing. As married women, they had less rights than they did when they were single. They were to follow their husbands, and their husbands were responsible for them. But Anne Hutchinson was an outstanding woman. She was an amazing midwife and a great addition to the colony. But she did not consider herself as the property of her husband and she questioned authority. In a way, she was a feminist of her own day. Though Wilson, a Puritan minister, preached spiritual reward through good works, Anne Hutchinson told followers that good works should be done plainly because they were good. She also said that she believed salvation was a gift from God, not something that was earned. Wilson considered it heresy for Hutchinson to speak out against the ministry. Though Hutchinson saw it as healthy to have free speech and controversy, Wilson viewed it as rebellious and traitorous. She agreed with Martin Luther’s argument about predestination and that there were an “elect”
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exam 1 essays - Katherine Herrmann HIST 101-01 Professor...

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