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Exam Question #2 Introduction Body Paragraph 1: Andrew Jackson’s background and character 1. born in 1757, orphaned when he was 13 2. during the American Revolutionary War, he and his brother was captured and humiliated by British soldiers 3. served in the military during the War of 1812 and the First Seminole War 4. became a lawyer in Tennessee in 1787 and rose through merit instead of heritage 5. became U.S. Senator in 1797, and won the 1828 and 1832 presidential elections 6. not of their class, not of their education 7. he was a “common man”—one of them—and related with the people Body Paragraph 2: Andrew Jackson’s successes and failures during his presidency 1. eliminated property qualifications for people to vote 2. started the “rising middle class” 3. spoils system – he enabled himself to choose whom he felt fit to help him in office; replaced hundreds of positions and filled them with common people whom e felts
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Unformatted text preview: were honest and dependable 4. kitchen cabinet 5. Peggy Eaton affair 6. He opposed the National Bank and removed it’s federal charter; he instead supported Jefferson’s idea of an “agricultural republic” Body Paragraph 3 : To what degree was the Indian Removal Policy justifiable? 1. Jackson was an “Indian fighter” 2. He ignored the Supreme Court and moved the Cherokee to the west in the Trail of Tears, 1830 3. Reasons: tensions arose when it was found that there was gold in Georgia; also, cotton could be grown there 4. Some Congressmen argued that it was inhumane to remove the Indians from their home; Indians themselves signed petitions against the removal act 5. Others claimed that Indians would benefit from moving to the west: more animals for the Indians to hunt in the west, less for the civilized people to worry about Conclusion...
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