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English 1A MW Essay # 2: Rough Outline The Importance of National Identity for a Nation’s Survival Thesis : I agree that having a national identity is very crucial in stabilizing and uniting the people of different races and beliefs in a nation, since national identity is set of rules and regulation that are set by governmental system in order to bring unity and more equality to the people of that society. I. National identity can help societies grow, based on the rules and regulations, that are set forth by their constitution laws and governmental system. A. Regulating the identities of people in a nation can help them to realize the strengths of their country, as well as, helps them to be more free in achieving
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Unformatted text preview: their potential. B. Every person would be treated equally, and with fairness and justice. II. A national identity plays a very important role in uniting of people of different races in a country, and secures their interest, based on the governmental system. A. National identity can be a great asset to the survival of a nation, in determining the success and failure of its people, based on their desires and willingness to work hard, to create a better lifestyle for themselves on a daily basis. B. National identity is a very essential part of our society, being that, it helps our people to strive and move forward with their lives. III. Conclusion....
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