Essay #1(English 1A) - English 1A Essay#1 Final Draft The...

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English 1A Essay #1: Final Draft The Essence of Learning and Acquiring Skills As a person who grew up in an educated family, school played a big role in my daily life. I always needed that education for which I could speak my opinions without being ignored. By the time I was growing up, I always tried to set an example of someone who really appreciates the essence of earning knowledge. In addition, I believed that school or college could be a sensitive investment, which will worth the effort and sacrifice the time in. I feel that I will always be able to find happiness in knowing, that I have in my possession, the appropriate skills and knowledge, needed to help me deal with all of life’s challenges that I encounter, both presently, and in the future. Lastly, I also lean to trust my intuition quite a lot, and when I combine all these credentials together, there is absolutely nothing that can impede my ability to achieve success. I agree that the primary function of colleges or universities should be to prepare students for the world of work, by providing students with the critical resources needed to compete in today’s job market. College graduates are always having better opportunities finding careers of their choice, based upon graduation. Education can be a key to many unlocked doors that
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Essay #1(English 1A) - English 1A Essay#1 Final Draft The...

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