EQUATIONS - EQUATIONS: qhot = -qcold Qice = niceHfusion Qv...

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EQUATIONS: Δq hot = -Δq cold Q ice = n ice ΔH fusion Q v = nc v ΔT (c v = 3/2R) Q p = nc p ΔT (c p = 5/2R) ΔH = q p = mcΔT = nc p ΔT = E a (f) – E a (r) ΔH f o = (mole product)[ ΔH f o (product)] – (mole product)[ ΔH f o (reactant)] ΔE = E f – E i = q + w = q v =q p - PΔV W = -P ext x ΔV P = ρhg S = k b ln(W) (k b – Boltzmann’s constant) = Rln(Wf/Wi) ΔS net = ΔS sys + ΔSs urr =-ΔH sys /T ΔG = ΔH
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