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Homework_policies - STAT E-50 Homework policies To be...

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STAT E-50 Homework policies To be consistent with the precision required within the discipline of statistics, all homework must be neat, well organized, and presented in a manner that is legible for the grader. Homework assignments are due weekly at the beginning of each lecture. Homework assignments will not be accepted in section meetings or other times during the week. You may take advantage of the opportunity to submit your assignment up to one week late, but this option can be exercised no more than three times per semester. No assignments will be accepted more than one week late. For example, Assignment #2 is due at the beginning of the third week’s class. Assignment #2 will also be accepted at the beginning of the fourth week’s class, but no later. If you have an emergency situation and you will miss the grace period, you must make arrangements with a teaching assistant before the one-week grace period passes.
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