grouplabreport - Introduction Our group project was to test...

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Introduction: Our group project was to test samples of water from two different areas on campus and measure the turbidity, ph level, and dissolved oxygen of each sample. We decided to run this test because we thought these were the best indicators of water quality. The turbidity of the water is presence of foreign substances in the water, the ph level is how acidic the water is, and the dissolved oxygen tells you how much oxygen is in the water. The areas we chose were Herbert Run and Library Steam. We chose those two areas because other than Library Pond we believed these two water areas most closely impacted our on campus drinking water. When observing the two areas of water we noticed that Library Stream trees that hung over the water more than Herbert Run. This meant to us that more leaves would accumulate in the water and more bugs would be in the water because of the ideal dark-moist conditions of Herbert Run. Our hypothesis for the turbidity test is that Library Stream would have a higher turbidity level because of the excess leaves, foliage, and other materials that are in near environment. Also in our observations we noticed that Herbert Run did not have as much coverage from the trees so rain can freely access the water without being impeded by leaves. Our hypothesis for the ph test is that Herbert Run will have a higher ph level because most of the rain fall will directly hit the water instead of being caught up in leaves like at Library Stream. Our hypothesis for dissolved
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grouplabreport - Introduction Our group project was to test...

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