econ_421 - Through out the course we have discussed...

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Through out the course we have discussed theoretical relationships and factors that may influence them. One relationship that has interested me is crime, and the factors that may influence it. So I have decided to do my project on this relationship. The purpose of this study is to try and figure out what factors really influence crime. Popular belief is that blacks are more inclined to commit crime and those that have less well of financial are also likely to commit crime. I’ve decided to use 36 cities and towns in the State of New Jersey to test and see what influences crime rates the most. Throughout out this paper I will do a literature review, discuss my data collection, make a proposal, and estimate a model and interpret it. The literature review that I did before I did was project was by D. Wayne Osgood. He did a Poisson-based regression analysis of aggregate crime rates. He finds the crime rate by dividing the amount of crime by the number of people. In this model the dependant variable is crime and the independent variables used are population at risk in person/years, log population are risk, residential instability, ethnic background, female- headed households, poverty rate, unemployment, and adjacent to metropolitan area. The conclusion of this model is that Poisson-based regression analysis is an important advance in the research of crime data. This form of regression allows for much broader research which helps with the coverage of lesser crimes. My model is not a Poisson- based regression but I used similar variables in my model. My dependent variable is violent crimes. The independent variables that I decided to use are percentage of
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econ_421 - Through out the course we have discussed...

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