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Biology Notes - Biology Notes- Dr. Loren Ammerman 1 st Day-...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology Notes- Dr. Loren Ammerman 1 st Day- setup and instructions- She likes bats. She has varied interests in biology including DNA/Genetics, organisms/organs, and Zoology. Office hours: MW 10-12 TTH 9-11, T 1:30-4:30 and by appointment Office room 003B. Use book as a reference and she may not tell us where to read so search for information. The order of chapters that we go through is on back of syllabi. Book has website to test ourselves. You must have lab book when you go to lab on Thursdays. Labs in room 14 or 18. Dr. Dixon is the Lab coordinator (Her Husband). Lab might not coincide with topics of lecture. BE IN LABs, because they are attendance checked. Blackboard is at You need to check your grades here and can look at slides on blackboard. She might send us an email to tell us stuff. Write your notes and discuss the material with others to help learn it. Work hard to understand and learn the material. You will be graded through exams. there will be 3 exams and 1 final. She expects us to remember all that we have seen in comprehension. Makeup labs are held on Fridays and you need a legit excuse from your TA (you need card.) Makeup work ASAP to help. To discuss what is in Chapter 1 , we are human organisms. Science literacy is something we will work on. The definition of a living thing is defined by many things such as the ability to reproduce sexually, be composed of cells, they have metabolisms, the have a homeostasis (maintenance of equilibrium), and they respond to their environs, they all contain DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), and transform energy. Living things all have precise order that must be maintained to live. Humans are highly organized that respond and grow, have a cultural heritage, and are a PRODUCT OF EVOLUTION which is total BULLSHITE!!!! First Cells arose about 3.5 Billion years ago. Classification of things mirror evolutionary relationships. The groups that are classified are Kingdoms Animalia, Plantium, Fungi, Protista, Domain Archaes and Bacteria . Animalia have backbones with vertebrae. Australopithecus Afarensis or Lucy 3.2 MYA Brain Size 400cc. Humans Homo have a 1200-1300cc brain capacity. Homo is defined as having a brain capacity of more than a 1,000ccs. The Neanderthal had the same skull we have but were our direct ancestors who used tools around 200,000 years ago. 100,000 years ago we had Cro-Magnon who developed speech and culture. The most common is now the homo sapiens, which is us. Humans are organisms that live and interact with our environment and that live in populations. An increasing threat of overpopulation is threatening the health of our biosphere. We owe our existence to the sun. Natural selection and Artificial selection are very closely related. Breeding is a form of Artificial Selection. Natural selection is an environment based decision that decides which can reproduce (Survival of the Fittest) you must survive to reproduce. For order for natural selection to work, you have to have a you must survive to reproduce....
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Biology Notes - Biology Notes- Dr. Loren Ammerman 1 st Day-...

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