Debate - Marlow Argument and Debate Comm 2311 Argumentation...

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Marlow- Argument and Debate Comm. 2311 Argumentation is logical and is used to establish a point. It is also goal oriented and shouldn’t always be thought of with negative connotations. Rhetoric- study of the available means of persuasion Ethos- Ethics; competency, dynamic, credibility Pathos- Emotional appeals; Narrative, storytelling Logos- Logical appeals; tying it together Argumentation is used to find truth. Chapter 4 is over fallacies. Fallacies appear to be sound, but are, in fact, flawed. They aren’t obvious at first glance. This is why it is necessary to analyze information and make sure all claims hold up to test the ethics of the opposing speaker. Formal fallacies- mistakes in logical structure Informal fallacies- mistaken assumptions, misuse of language, violations of principles in argumentation. Non-sequitur fallacies- mean it doesn’t follow evidence presented. Logic can help us make sense but it doesn’t always get us to the end point of our reasoning. Deductive Reasoning - (Cognito, Ergo Sum) Main Point Minor Point Conclusion- Inductive Reasoning - Logically using examples to find a reason to make an exception. Analogy - comparing to something else or using examples to bind two different things Causal- what is causing the problem? How can we fix it? Criteria- Does this subject fall under a certain criteria for a problem… Make previously set judgments to judge the problem if it falls under the criteria. Sign - based off of assumptions based on looks. Burden of proof - must have evidence to create a sound argument to base upon. The proposition should not be accepted until significant proof has been given.
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April 11 th - Debates are due; written Debate is due (Outline Format) and must be turned in on this date. You must prepare a affirmative and negative case for the debate and you resolution. Class is going to now be on the downhill slope and we are going to prepare for the great debate. On Friday, come with 2 ideas to debate over. Wednesday is our test.
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Debate - Marlow Argument and Debate Comm 2311 Argumentation...

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