V for Vendetta Essay

V for Vendetta Essay - Do an analysis discussing the...

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Do an analysis discussing the political system from the movie V for Vendetta . Remember, Remember, The fifth of November The gunpowder, treason, and plot, I know of no Reason The Gunpowder Treason, Should ever be Forgot. In a futuristic Britain, that is controlled by a fascist government, there is a man (or perhaps an idea), “V.” V is a man who wants to change his world by setting events in motion to move the public to revolutionize their government. This government system is portrayed as one that controls its citizens through fear, censorship, and close scrutiny that will eventually lead to complete mental and physical devastation. To discuss the political systems that are portrayed through “V for Vendetta,” we must first understand what motivates and moves the plot. The catalyst for this movie and the story on which it is based is, simply, freedom. Complete and total freedom that is uninhibited by religious or government agendas, in which every man of every race, sexual preference, and religious belief may live without fear. Not only to live without fear of a government, but also fear of others and their beliefs. The idea of this envisioned freedom is only seen by one man, “V.” The reason he is the only one that can see this is because he is the only one who has really escaped the torments of the fascists and has lived freely. He was involved in a horrible fire at a detainment camp (much like the Nazi execution camps of Auschwitz and Daschau) called Lark Hill, and he escaped to a life inspired by a vendetta. His vendetta goes down to his very soul, which, in essence, is free. V had nothing. If you think about it nothing cost nothing, so in essence, it is free. So in relation, V had experienced freedom. Since he was able to escape Lark Hill, he could then show others the freedom he had come to know and that they had lost after being pushed around by terrorism which is later shown to be a political manipulation of the High Chancellor and his goons. Since V was fighting a government which controlled all forms of media,
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V for Vendetta Essay - Do an analysis discussing the...

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