Relation to Poets - Relation to Poets In the words of...

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Relation to Poets In the words of Wordsworth, “A simple child, that lightly draws its breath, And feels is life in every limb, What should it know of death?” The question posed to all who read anything someone who they have never met has written is, “What relates me to this person?” To me, these men of valor and imagination are particularly interesting because they express themselves in a way that is near impossible for the average person. The quality and personality of these men is evident in their writing. Now, to answer a question such as this, it is necessary to once again ask what we have in common with the late 18 th early 19 th century poet. Evidently, problems such as sickness, death, love, and war (even in another country) have followed our species through the ages in recourse. These problems are evident in their writings such as in the lyrical ballad “We are Seven,” by Wordsworth from which the excerpt came from at the beginning of the paper. In this ballad, he tells a story from his own point of view about a young girl who has lost two siblings, one to sickness and another to the cold of winter. This story describes the misunderstanding between the innocence of a child’s speech and the understanding caused by the experience of adults. It makes me laugh how TV shows such as “Kids say the Darndest Things” have capitalized on this idea. The only thing to, say about this however is that, to a child, what they are saying makes complete sense. This is caused by lack of experience and the reciprocation of this is they maintain their innocence. This is what I believe Wordsworth
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Relation to Poets - Relation to Poets In the words of...

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