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Jordan Davidson Fall 2006 Formal Outline Introduction : Throughout our lives we are introduced to new forms of learning and knowledge that will one day be the basis for our skills in the workplace. These skills will determine the salary that we, our families, and anyone else you may support will depend on. As responsible citizens we will be required to pay bills, our taxes, and for our living quarters with the money that we make. In this speech, I am going to discuss three main factors that should give you an idea of where in the job market you may want to go. Main Point 1 : Drop in income for workers based on level of education. Main Point 2: Level of education that has made the most money. Main Point 3 : A general comparison of education and income levels. This brings me to my first main point. Main Point 1- 1. The drop in income levels for workers in today’s world based on their level of educational attainment is astounding. a. After statistical analysis of reports from Stephen Murdock, (Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio, December 2002) reports show that the average household income will have dropped from around $55,000 to around $48,000 by the year 2040.
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i. This reason for this income drop is the loss of educated citizens in our
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Formal Outline - Jordan Davidson Formal Outline...

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