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Review Sheet1 - Psych Review Sheet Introduction What is...

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Psych Review Sheet Introduction What is Psychology? - systematic study of behavior and experience - Goals: to explain behavior in terms of various factors What two fields contributed most to the origin of psychology? - Philosophy and biology How does psych differ from philosophy? - psych is the study of the mind and trying to link behavior and experience with external factors, whereas philosophy is the contemplation of the interaction of two things (also, no verifiability) What is the Mind/Body Questions and what was Descartes’ solution? - Problem: how does the conscious mind arise from the physical matter of the brain? Descartes: There are two pieces, brain and soul, which interact through the pineal gland Nature/Nurture debate? What is the current belief? - What makes someone or something into who they are, what they were born with or how they were raised? Current: combination of the two, drawing the line somewhere on the spectrum Differences between the structuralist (Wundt) and functionalist approaches to psych? - Structuralism – primarily introspection with very little behavioral aspect - Functionalism (William James) – looking at behavior combined with internal states/introspection. It was also the study of how people develop useful behaviors. Differences between different approaches to psychology? - Clinical- help people understand and deal with their psychological problem by talking cure; what’s going on inside the person’s mind is very important. -
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Review Sheet1 - Psych Review Sheet Introduction What is...

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