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08 lecture - constants-if you have variables in your...

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4/4/08 Roundoff Error : -We are used to thinking about numbers in the base 10 where the first column is the tenth place the second the hundredth place and so on. -A computer works in base 2 where the first place is 1, then 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, and so on up to 64. A computer uses combinations of these to create larger numbers Reassignment of variables: int a=4; int b=6; b=b+1; //this tells the computer to overwrite what the original value for b was, now b is 7 a= b-a; //now a is 3 Cast: - A way to treat one data type as another int a=7; int b=4; double c= (double) a/b; //since both a and b are int we will get one but since we assign it as a temporary double we will get floating point division -if you want to round a number int d= (int)(c + .5) // since the computer will only round down, by adding .5 we have a more accurate rounding because if c is less that 2.5 it will round down and if c is 2.5 or greater it will be 3 and in a sense round up
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Unformatted text preview: constants:-if you have variables in your program that you want to forbid from being reassigned you make it a constant const int A= 17; //if you try to change a later you will see an error. convention says that it is to be all caps-this helpful if you need to make changes later to a variable that shows up many times in your program Strings: # include <string> string z= "Bob"; cout<< z; //we would see it just print Bob because it is a string-the computer stores the string as B being 0, o being 1, and b being 2 dot notation: int c= z.length ( ); // this would set c as three because bob (z variable) is three characters long above is formatted as: object_name.member_function_name(parameters) string initial= z.substr(0,1); //the 0 is the start position and the 1 is the length-by doing something like this it would set the string initial as being bo because the parameter does not include the last b....
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08 lecture - constants-if you have variables in your...

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