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08 lecture - for (int i=0; i < z.size( ); i++) {...

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5/12/08 Homework 6: house class: -fields: int address point location -member functions: draw_house accessors street class: -fields: house first house last int number_on_street -member functions: draw_street midterm: 5,6, 7 and 9.1-9.3 vectors: #include <vector> declare: vector <int> z(10); - you tell it what you want it to be in the brackets (< >) and then you declare what you want it to be (in this case z) and then how many you want in the following parentheses -int/doubles will be set to zero, strings will be left empty, objects will have default construction vector elements are indexed just like strings: 0,1,2. ... -access is: z[index] if you wanted to change something or call some part of the lsit you would use this -you put the posion of the variable you want to work with inside the brackets member functions: -z.size() -z.push_back(a): increases the vectors size by one by adding whatever a is to the end of the vector -z.pop_back(): removes the last element of the vector common loop for visiting all elements:
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Unformatted text preview: for (int i=0; i &lt; z.size( ); i++) { z[i]; cout &lt;&lt; z[ i ] &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; } adding and removing elements to the middle of a vector: int main() { vector &lt;double&gt; z(10); int i; for (i=0; i&lt;10; i++) { z[ i ] = i; { //this will remove an element from the middle of the vector. int pos = 5; for (i=pos; i &lt; z.size()-1; i++) { z[ i ] = z[ i+1]; } //this takes the given position and in a sense removes it by moving all the integers around it up. after this you would want to delete the last integer of the vector and you will have successfully removed a variable //this will add an element to the middle of the vector int pos = 6; int last = z.size()-1; z.push_back (z[last]); for (i=last; i&gt;pos; i--); { z [ i ] = z [ i-1 ]; } z [ pos ] = 92; // this will add an element by starting to reassign the values of the elements starting at the given value of 'pos' for (int i=0; i &lt; z.size( ); i++) { z[i]; cout &lt;&lt; z[ i ] &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; }...
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08 lecture - for (int i=0; i &amp;amp;lt; z.size( ); i++) {...

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