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DISORDERS CHART - Anxiety, mood, eating

DISORDERS CHART - Anxiety, mood, eating - DISORDERS Eating...

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DISORDERS Eating Disorders – 3-10% of college students, 150,000 deaths per year. Deficits in self concept at core. Disorder Diagnostic Criteria Risk Factors Treatment Miscellaneous Anorexia Nervosa Refusal to maintain body normal weight In tense fear of gaining weight Preoccupation and distortion of body image Amenorrhea (at least 3 cycles) Age 13-18 Female Fear of Gaining Weight Early Puberty and Maturation Difficulty ID and Expressing Emotions History of Depression Need for Perfection Low Self-Esteem Lack of Adequate Coping Skills Alcohol/Substance Abuse Sexual or Physical Abuse History Early Dating/Confusion about Appropriate Behavior Ill Health or Early Pregnancy PROZAC (Fluoxetine) CONTRAINDICATED due to loss of appetite Complications are direct result of STARVATION eg loss of hair, anemia, leukopenia Affects .5% to 1% of population 50-75% have MDD or dysthymia 13% have bipolar 50% recover completely 10-15% die due to complications Personality d/o – avoidant, obsessive compulsive, dependent, borderline -Individual Therapy/Family Therapy/ Group Therapy -Medical Evaluation and Monitoring -Psychiatric Treatment -Nutritional Counseling -Adjunctive therapies (art, yoga and other movement therapies, dance, spirituality) Hospitalization indicated if wt <25- 30% NBW, no improvement for 3 to 4 months or get worse within 1 month Bullimia Nervosa Recurrent binge eating Recurrent use of vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, enemas, medications or fasting Binge/purge at least twice a week for 2 months Preoccupation with body image Complications related to PURGING, eg, pharyngeal soreness, acid reflux, dyspahgia. 1-3% of population 50-75% have MDD or dysthymia 80% recover 13% have bipolar 43% report anxiety Personality d/o – avoidant, borderline, histrionic, dependent WELLBUTRIN (Bupropion) CONTRAINDICATED because of seizure risk Anxiety Disorders – anxiety - Heightened arousal accompanied by apprehension, fear, obsessions or the like. Becomes pathological with IMPAIRMENT – 15% of pop. 40% have MDD Disorder Diagnostic Criteria Symptoms Treatment Miscellaneous
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Panic Disorder Recurrent, unexpected panic attacks At least one of the attacks has been followed by 1 month of - Persistent concerns about having additional attacks - Worry over consequences of the attack - Change in behavior related to attack With or without Agoraphobia Attacks not due to med condition Not better accounted for by other psych condition PANIC ATTACK= intense fear or discomfort ,develops abruptly, peaks within 10 min 4 of – Palpitation, Sweating, Sensation of SOB, smothering, Choking, CP, Dizzy, Fear of dying, derealization, fear of going crazy, chills or hot flashes DIAZEPAM, SSRIs, MIRTAZAPINE 1-3% of pop, F:M -2:1, mid 20s onset Phobias -Exposure to stimulus = immediate anxiety response -Person recognizes fear is excessive / unreasonable -Object / situation is avoided or endured -Behavior interferes w functioning > 6 months Specific phobia = intense, irrational fear or aversion to a particular object or situation 5-10% of pop any phobia ~3% social phobia Onset childhood, early adult Generalized Anxiety
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