embryo review test 1 - 1 What embryonic tissue give rise to...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. What embryonic tissue give rise to The neuroepithelial cell is the first precursor cell. It gives rise to the neuroblast, glioblast and the ependymal cell which then differentiate further. Central nerve cell bodies.- Neuroblast cell Astrocytes- Glioblast Oligodendrocytes- Glioblast Microglia- Blood borne precursor from astrocyte Ependymal cells- Neuroepithelial cell 2. Identify whether the following came from alar or basal plate Red Nucleus.- Basal plate b/c it is involved in motor fxn Dorsal horn of the spinal cord.- Alar plate Inferior colliculus.- Alar plate Trochlear nucleus.- Basal plate 3. Describe the folding of the neural tube in the 4th week of embryonic life. Folding is induced by the notochord in the middle of the 3 rd week due to release of signals (Shh and BMP)-> Ectoderm differentiates into neuroectoderm-> neuroectoderm cells become taller creating neural plate-> neural plate folds...
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