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10.10 - -even though he acted like the same man he was...

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10/10/07 Wrapping up ESP -just because you don’t know how it’s done doesn’t make it magic Naturalistic Observations continued 3. Make unbiased observations -Rosenthal: Pygmalion in the classroom -teachers told that students tested for readiness to learn -4 students will “blossom next fall” -teachers pay special attention to those students -result in them being smarter -Rosenhan: Being Sane in Insane Places -normal people admitted to asylum under guise of illness -once in there, they act completely normal -still treated as ill patients 4. Do not disturb the behavior -hide from sight (hidden camera) -become a participant observer -join the group you are trying to observe -John Coleman: Blue-Collar Journal -becomes dishwasher, ditch digger, garbage man
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Unformatted text preview: -even though he acted like the same man, he was discriminated against-stereotype comes with the job-observing mental patients-get admitted to a ward with Paranoid Psychotics-become a permanent fixture-be there day after day until behavior does not change-Jane Goodall Secondary Records Research-cannot be there for research-go back in the records and read the research of others-History of anorexia in young women-diaries-When do sharks attack?-hospital records give date, clothing, body information-form the date, you can get water and weather information-Violent behavior at sporting events-newspaper reports-only yields correlated relationships-no cause-effect proof...
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