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Exploring Lifespan Development Lecture 1 Lifespan Development: the growing, changing, adapting, overtime- prenatal through death Physical and Psychological changes and how they interact; for example as a child grows taller the child becomes mobile and this allows cognitive, social, and emotional changes to occur. Developmental Domains: 1. Physical: bodily growth and neurological development a. Neurological development: example we are born with extra brain cells and connections, as we age the connections we are not used die and allow for more room for the connections we do use, this is called synaptic pruning 2. Psychological Development a. perception: how you interrupt stimuli b. cognition: thinking, reasoning c. social emotional: temperament Refer to table 1.1 in textbook for stages of development; in addition to those listed we have recently added emerging adulthood which occurs around 18years of age and refers adults who are still in school. Themes:
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Psyc230lecture1notes - Exploring Lifespan Development...

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